Client Love + Success Stories

Working with Ioannis is pure joy.

He is an excellent listener and the best I know at inspiring and extracting ideas through thoughtful questions. He is discreet, open, friendly, and reliable. Working with Dr Syrigos yields valuable benefits, including exceptional training, innovative ideas, efficient processes, best practices, inspiration, coaching, effective actions, and outstanding results!

What can you expect from collaborating with him? It truly depends on the specific task at hand. Ioannis’ well-rounded skills ensure that we can tackle any challenge together successfully. The real magic happens when he helps me discover my true potential. His approach is truly remarkable, and I always leave our meetings feeling empowered and inspired.

Iris A.
Deputy CEO

Incredible Impact

I can't thank John enough for the incredible impact they've had on my personal growth journey. His guidance and support have been absolutely invaluable. Ioannis has an extraordinary ability to inspire, motivate, and empower. Through his coaching, I've not only discovered more about myself but also learned practical tools and techniques that have led to positive, lasting change in my life. His dedication to helping others achieve their full potential is truly commendable. I'm immensely grateful for their wisdom, kindness, and unwavering support on this transformative journey. If you're seeking a self-development coach who can genuinely make a difference, Dr Ioannis is the one to turn to. Thank you for everything!

John L.
Business Owner

Ioannis possesses strong leadership skills

I attended self-awareness courses with Ioannis Syrigos for two years. During this time, I learned concepts such as meditation, living in the present moment, setting and achieving goals, recognizing my flaws, and identifying the obstacles I put in my own way. With his continuous guidance, I was not only able to grow as a person but also as a professional. These courses exposed me to various cultures and philosophies, both ancient and modern, as well as concepts from quantum physics. I even had the opportunity to explore astral travel and expand my horizons. As a teacher, Ioannis is incredibly inspiring, and as a person, he possesses strong leadership skills and the natural curiosity of a child. I eagerly look forward to his upcoming courses!

Mary S.

Fostering Lifelong Learning

Alicia creates valuable and interesting activities for her students both in the classroom and outside of it. She provides a learning atmosphere that promotes participation, responsibility, personal growth, respect, and the fostering of unique skills and abilities, as well as lifelong learning.

Barbara T.

Ioannis is an inspiring and captivating speaker

I’ve know Ioannis for almost 2 decades. He is an inspiring and captivating speaker. As a coach he looks beyond the obvious and never looses sight of the incentive ahead. His mastery in many domains offers him the ability to advise through real experience. I’ve learned a great deal from his guidance and I am always excited to hear what he is up to. 

Yonic F.

Ioannis has been a stroke of luck

I have consistently searched for self-awareness groups, yet my experiences with them often left me wanting for deeper knowledge and a genuine sense of spirituality. That all changed when I came across a poster advertising esoteric seminars, prompting me to attend the classes. These sessions not only included insightful lectures but also guided meditation. Our instructor, Dr Ioannis Syrigos, proved to be an exceptional expert in esoteric matters, possessing an infectious enthusiasm. With remarkable simplicity and discipline, he introduced us to profound concepts that quickly fostered unity and purpose within our group: to delve into the depths of our beings.

Ioannis was a constant presence on our journeys of self-discovery, faith, and knowledge. He emphasized the importance of personal belief, encouraging us not to accept things blindly but to explore and experience finding our own truths. Traveling this path with him has been a remarkable experience. It allowed me to uncover the wellspring of my existence, appreciate the power of collective endeavour, and confront my own limitations. Meeting Dr Syrigos has been a stroke of luck, and his wealth of knowledge has illuminated our multidimensional existence. I firmly believe that each of us possesses a unique gift, and Ioannis’ gift is undoubtedly leadership. He brings people together, unites them as a team, and propels them forward with his profound knowledge. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to him!

Natasa O.
Educator and Jewelry maker

Alicia provides dynamic and creative classes and lessons

All her students hold her in high regard as she encourages them to go beyond simple knowledge acquisition and to include critical thinking to what they learn and to apply their knowledge in the real world.

Alicia B.
Academic Coordinator

Ioannis has truly transformed my life

I'm excited to share how the personalized self-development course I attended on a one-on-one basis has truly transformed my life. This unique approach allowed for tailored guidance on various topics, from goal setting to mindfulness. With dedicated support from Dr Ioannis Syrigos, I've shifted my mindset, gained confidence, and achieved goals that once felt unreachable. It has been a remarkable experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make a meaningful change in their life.

Kostas L.