An anthropologist, writer, adventurer, and Chief Editor of Ancient Origins Magazine 

I’ve always been curious and creative.

Whether I was exploring the woods behind my house growing up in Canada, inventing games with friends, or reading the classics and planning exciting trips to faraway places, I always wanted to learn more about the world. I studied subjects like psychology, anthropology, and sociology to gain the academic background and learn the history of who we are as a species and what makes us unique. 


Then I combined that knowledge with real-world experiences, discovering the beauty and wonders of the world and the amazing similarities and differences across cultures by living in and travelling throughout South America, Egypt, Europe, and North America. I pushed my limits with adventurous expeditions, shared stories with strangers who became friends, and shocked and delighted the people back home with amazing tales from my journeys.

Why Me?

I have a keen interest in ancient and modern cultures and my academic past includes degrees in Anthropology, Psychology, and International Development Studies. I’ve been a teacher but am also a lifelong learner with an open mind, and my passions are cross-cultural communication, traditions, and exploring how we can apply the wisdom of the past to our lives today.


For almost 10 years I’ve been dedicated to uncovering the mysteries and wonders of the ancient world through my diverse roles with Ancient Origins and several years spearheading the award-winning Ancient Origins Magazine. I’ve travelled and led tours around the world, exploring how the past and present intertwine and sharing deep conversations, lessons, and fascinating experiences with people across the globe.

Outside my professional pursuits, I’m a dedicated meditator, crocheter, and love to express my creativity in the kitchen!

Why Now?

I may have been out of the formal classroom for a few years, but that time has been well spent enhancing my understanding of the past and exploring the world, and I’m excited to share my knowledge with others who share an interest in the ways the ancient past can transform our lives and connect us with our neighbours and ancestors.

"Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots."

I'm all about

Sharing ideas, learning new things, and moving through the world with kindness and understanding. Our journeys may have brought us here for a variety of reasons, but why not help make each other’s time a bit more peaceful, happier, more fulfilling, and fun? 

I'm not about

Negativity, close-mindedness, or hate.

We all have a place and are worthy.

Let’s bring each other up and work to reach our shared and individual goals.


if you are ...

  • Curious about different cultures and time periods 
  • Interested in boosting your creativity and out-of-the box problem solving skills 
  • Looking to gain insights into ancient mysteries and universal truths
  • Seeking tools to enhance your self-awareness and transformation
  • Wonder how ancient wisdom can apply to your daily life, relationships, and connections

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