A 6 week journey that will set you free

Imagine feeling trapped in a Labyrinth, where every time you thought you have figured out the route, the boundaries are shifted, the harder you try, the worse it gets. As a man, you identify with Theseus, the hero. But in trying to negotiate the winding labyrinth what worked yesterday, no longer works today, and Ariadne has turned into a gorgon – you twist and turn trying to avoid the reflection of snakes ambushing your path. And then one day, you find the escape route, you can free yourself from this life-sapping situation, emerging as a warrior, perhaps wounded but not beaten and you regain your strength and exit the cave into the sunlight.



You realize the relationship is wrong for you, you did not buy into this, you yearn to be free, but weighing heavy on your conscience is guilt. All men fear being branded as the villain, the anti-hero, so you stick it out. You know you have to leave, but you do not understand why you are staying. Your cognition, affect and actions are out of sync, and you do not know how to restore the balance. You convince yourself you can hold one, one more week, one more year. But you cannot.

You've probably experienced firsthand just how challenging it can be to:

  • Make sense of the dissonance between your thoughts, your emotions and your actions
  • You do not understand why you are sometimes still flooded with affection, which dulls your desire to leave
  • Being called the anti-hero; and you will endure just to avoid it
  • Loose your libido and life force, you cannot get up in the morning and avoid going home at night
  • Break free and become the hero once again and retain your self-respect
How often do you ask, how did we get here?

Sometimes our own actions and those of others just do not make sense at all. I often say, Do not expect rational behaviour from an irrational mind. There is no need to feel trapped in an unfulfilling relationship, where one person gives and gives and the other just takes and takes.

To what extent do you yearn to understand? 

Imagine you can develop an insight into your own hidden subconscious motivations, as well as the hidden hurts steering your partner on a disastrous course. Imagine there is an AHA moment, when you get it, when it all makes sense and you can walk free.

Imagine you can untangle yourself from the Rescuer-Damsel-in-Distress duet.

Imagine if you discovered that...

  • You are not responsible for someone else’s happiness
  • You are accountable for your own actions
  • As you entered this relationship of your free will, you can leave of your own free will
  • You can rewrite your own story and actually change your neuropaths
  • You can recharge your testosterone levels and your libido
  • You can overcome your own commitment fears after leaving a bad relationship
  • You can make sense of all of this
What if you are whole again, finding perhaps another whole person, who is not codependent on you – become the seasoned Hero meeting the ageless Goddess.

The material for this course originated from men like you, who were trapped in the Rescuer archetype. They bravely stepped up and opened up, to share their confusion, emotions, hurt, disappointments and desires, which culminated in this course and it was their wish that their plan should be spread. Neuropsychology became the tool to unlock the secrets of the subconscious, reveal the stubborn habits, change the conditioned responses and bring insight. Mythology is the tool to understanding archetypes, lurking in our subconscious. Let us salute those brave men who paved the way and follow their plan.


Twist the knife a bit more here, talk about the problem, but then reassure them it's not their fault. Mauris pellentesque eget lorem malesuada wisi nec, nullam mus. Mauris vel mauris. Orci fusce ipsum faucibus scelerisque.


Why does the Rescuer become addicted to the rare euphoria of occasional kindness, despite the confusion of daily mood swings he has to negotiate? What if you understand the function of the neurotransmitter Dopamine – alluring Aphrodite – the anticipation of pleasure and how she can eventually get you addicted to minute rewards, falling like crumbs from a table. Have you often asked yourself, why am I so grateful for such a morsel of affection? What if you understand oxytocin - the cuddle hormone – and why you are prepared to forgive so much, after that morsel of affection. Why is your rational thinking brain overridden? Understand what happened to you.

What if you can develop insight into the narcissistic behaviour that has been consuming and confusing you and why love cannot fix it, by understanding the function of the Amygdala. A dysfunctional Amgygdala is incapable of compassion if it is threatened. It can literally change shape and size in your brain, when you change your thought patterns.

With insight comes change, unburdening of guilt, healing and personal growth, without the intention of beheading Medusa. The aim is to move on, and at the same time to release her from the burden of being a helpless damsel and perhaps for her to reconnect with goddess inside her – but that is not your task.


The aim of this course is not personal therapy, it is to provide you with knowledge, insights and a skill set to understand the dynamics of the perilous Rescuer-Damsel-in-Distress duet. Insight will switch on the lightbulb, shining light into the abyss, clarifying those questions that have repeated so often in your mind in the darkness of the night. How many sleepless nights have you had trying to figure it out?


A neuropsychological blending with mythological archetype approach


By the end of this six week course you will:

  • Have a basic understanding of the foundations of neuropsychology – the structure of the brain, and the functions of the neurotransmitters
  • Your knowledge of neuropsychology will help unlock the secrets of the subconscious, hidden self-destructive thought patterns and ways to change them – literally to change your mind!
  • You can develop an understanding of what it is to be a true Hero- even in modern-day society – and to reconnect with the Hero in you
  • You will reframe your natural aptitude to provide and protect, without fear of being exploited

And you will follow in the paths of brave heroes who have gone before you and whose experiences will guide you.


You're going to




You will be encouraged to keep a journal with your insights, and how you relate to the material but this is your personal choice.


Real life case studies of similar situations enhance the course material.


Six weeks of two recorded sessions per week (average 20 minutes), for you to watch at your convenience to get you acquainted with the neuropsychology, and the mythological archetypes. 


If you are willing you can participate in a session to share insights with other course members, even anonymously if you like.


You may be directed to reading articles or books by psychologists on the subject, and these serve as self-help literature, which is optional.

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Become the Hero Again: A Neuropsychological approach to Solving the Rescuer-Damsel-in-Distress Toxic Duet

This course applies neuropsychology to explain why men get trapped in toxic relationships and why it is difficult for them to leave, how to make sense of irrational behaviour; how to leave the relationship and regain their self-respect. Once you grasp the functions of the brain, how your own behaviour and thoughts can sabotage you, how neurotransmitters influence you to make the wrong decisions, and how to take a hold of your brain, you can change you own neuropaths and break free to become the hero once again.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand basic neuropsychology
  • Understand the influence of neurotransmitters
  • Unlock your subconscious secret motivations
  • Change your neuropaths
  • Recognise True Hero attributes
  • Conquer relationship fears

"You cannot start a new chapter if you keep on reading the last chapter."


In stead of wasting hours of good sleep, ruminating on being trapped, seeking escape and finding none, by enrolling in this course, you can get the information you need, to make sense of it, to regain your self-respect, appreciate your self-worth and formulate a strategy, like a general, to retreat with honour.

It might not be that easy but you can do it!!

You will find the Hero in you


You can reconnect with the Hero archetype and become the best man you could ever be and reframe your relationships in future.


And just who will be teaching you The Become the Hero Again Course?

Me! I'm Dr Micki Pistorius


In every man there is a hero, who strives to provide and to protect and to become the best man that he could. However a hero’s journey is often perilous and sometimes he loses track, and gets waylaid or mislead like Odysseus who had to withstand the sirens. Heroes’ good intentions can be twisted, when they encounter a Circe or Calypso or even a Medusa and they get entangled in a web or lost in a labyrinth. Often when bad things happen to us, we need to make sense of it, to understand why and how it happened, to look at it from a rational point of view. This course provides you the skill set and tools to gain a deeper insight into the Rescuer-Damsel-in-Distress duet, that ultimately can bring a hero down on his knees. It is not intended as therapy, but rather guideline to find your way out of the labyrinth and reset your course as a hero once again.


Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown


After our introductory session, we tackle neuropsychology as our foundation. Brain basics – We cover the basics of brain anatomy, neurotransmitters and neuropaths – explained in easy comprehendible terms, borrowing from mythology, for instance, dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for anticipation of pleasure, is cast as… Aphrodite, goddess of love and Achilles can be none other than Testosterone…

Your brain controls everything, it is your hard drive. What you think, do and feel are all controlled by your brain, your biological, physiological and emotional states, are all controlled by your brain. The more you know about its mechanics, the better you can understand yourself – understanding how you brain works, means you gain control over your brain. You can direct your neuropaths, balance your neurotransmitters, and even facilitate actual physical changes in your brain – it is a living changing organism – the most powerful tool you have.


The Archetypes of the Hero versus the Rescuer

What does it mean to be a Hero? Men are action heroes, born with an innate instinct to provide and protect. Men don’t talk, they do. They express emotions and intentions through actions, not words. Heroes do not kick the bunny! In the era of the Trojan War a man’s value was measured by his physical prowess as a warrior. Today the benchmark is his financial status and how well he can provide. Looking at a woman, he wonders if he is in her league.

Theseus was a Hero when he negotiated the labyrinth, and slayed the Minotaur….He was assisted – and appreciated her assistance – by the royal priestess Ariadne – an independent woman.

Perseus on the other hand, was a Rescuer, when he rescued Andromeda, the helpless princess, from the monster, but he regained Hero status when he slayed Medusa, who was once a beautiful woman.

We investigate the hidden motivations lurking in the Rescuer’s subconscious and using neuropsychology as our torch, we shine light on self-sabotaging behaviours. Why would men do anything not to be cast as the anti-hero, or the villain – even forsake his own mental wellbeing? Men’s greatest fear is being a disappointment and the weapon he fears most, is a woman’s lashing tongue. How did Aphrodite seduce him into being entrapped in the Labyrinth from where he could not escape. Dopamine is also the neurotransmitter that walks hand in hand with addiction.


Getting acquainted with the Damsel-in-Distress, the disguised Medusa

Medusa was once a beautiful woman, until the serpents I her head were released. Ariadne was an independent royal priestess, until she became so dependent on Theseus, that he dumped her on an island – and she married the god Dionysus – yes him of too much wine and revelry fame.

Theseus enters the dark cave of Medusa. Using neuropsychology as our tool, we investigate the hidden motivations, fears and insecurities of the Damsel-in-Distress and how these Sirens become beacons that attract Rescuers like moths to a flame. We cannot expect rational behaviour from an irrational mind. Insight into the psychological dynamics of the Damsel-in-Distress may change the perspective of the man in her life – hopefully it may lead to empathy, but the Hero is not the psychotherapist! We also see how Medusa can reconnect with the goddess inside her.


The Road to Recovery - Finding the Hero in you

Using neuropsychology as our tool, we form new neuropaths, changing your actions influences your thoughts and emotions and vice-versa.

Swords are drawn, the fight is on. The wounded hero retreats into his dark cave. Understand the emotional stages a man experiences after a break-up.

With Achilles as our guide, we take a good hard look at testosterone and how to revitalize your libido. Time to leave the cave and rejoin society. What happens when Achilles and Aphrodite team up again, on a mature level. The seasoned warrior is ready to meet his ageless goddess, on equal terms.

Our last session is an open session, facilitated by me. To ensure anonymity participants webcams and microphones are muted and they communicate via typed messages, which I share with the group. This is not to be interpreted as a group-therapy session, it is an opportunity to share insights developed during the course and to meet other heroes, anonymously.

The "Become the Hero Again: Escape the Rescue Damsel in Distress Relationship" Course gets you out of the Labyrinth, and on the road of recovery.

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Still Got Questions?

Become the Hero Again: A Neuropsychological approach to Solving the Rescuer-Damsel-in-Distress Toxic Duet

This course applies neuropsychology to explain why men get trapped in toxic relationships and why it is difficult for them to leave, how to make sense of irrational behaviour; how to leave the relationship and regain their self-respect. Once you grasp the functions of the brain, how your own behaviour and thoughts can sabotage you, how neurotransmitters influence you to make the wrong decisions, and how to take a hold of your brain, change your own neuropaths and break free to become the hero once again.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand basic neuropsychology
  • Understand the influence of neurotransmitters
  • Unlock your subconscious secret motivations
  • Change your neuropaths
  • Recognise True Hero attributes
  • Conquer relationship fears


If you are not satisfied with the contents of the course and feel you cannot extract yourself from the Rescuer-Damsel-in-Distress Relationship, and you feel you have not even developed an insight into its dynamics then we will provide you a complete refund. Your success is our commitment.


I have walked with heroes and hunted villains.

No one needs to remind me of how bad men can be. Perhaps my proficiency in profiling the very worst of men many years ago, also cultivated my ability to recognise good men – the heroes. This course is inspired by the everyday, unsung heroes who have crossed my path.

Men are born with the innate instinct to provide and protect. It is what makes them men, it defines their “raison d’etre” on earth. Intrinsically they know, if they align their existence with this dual purpose, then they are good men, heroes. What disturbs the hero’s mental equilibrium most is being the anti-hero. They detest it and they will try to avoid it at all costs, even at the expense of their own mental health.

The pathological pas-de- deux between the Rescuer and the Damsel-in-Distress springs from deep seated unmet psychological needs, on both sides. Medusa was once a beautiful woman until the serpents in her head are unleashed. A man’s greatest fear is to be a disappointment, a woman’s greatest fear is to be abandoned.

In an era where words such as toxicity and narcissism have become colloquial, in the interests of gender equality, we need to acknowledge that there are two sides to this coin. This course is not a platform for gender-role/identity discussion, nor should it be considered as a form of psychotherapy, rather if you wandered into a bookshop and found yourself in front of the self-help book section, this is the one you would pick up, if you are trapped in a labyrinth relationship from which you feel you cannot escape.