Psychologist, Author, Profiler and Editor of the Premium Membership site of Ancient Origins  

It all began with someone believing in me

Since my parents were both bibliophiles, I grew up surrounded by books. Books opened up a world of wonder and adventure to me, not just within the sphere of the imagination, but they also presented gateways to exotic countries, at that stage unreachable to me, since I was born in a land cut off from international travel. I needed transport that could transcend political borders and fly me over the horizon to the far-off lands. In the mythical realm I found Pegasus, who manifested in my love for horses.  


My equestrian adventure began at the age of ten, and soon my father bought me my first horse. In books I discovered the existence of the untamed white horses that roamed the shores of Camargue in France. Armoured with childhood innocence and unwavering determination, I forged a telepathic connection with these magnificent equine beings and I made a solemn promise to them, “One day I will find you”. The solid foundation of my belief in this dream was my mother’s constant whisper to me: “You can become anything you want to, I believe in you”.  

My Odyssey Unfolded

I embarked on a voyage of knowledge, evolving from a seeker of truth into a storyteller as a journalist. Later, I embarked on a path of deeper understanding, studying the human psyche to become a psychologist and ultimately, a criminal profiler within the South African Police—navigating the labyrinth of criminal minds. Spurred on by my crusader ancestral blood, I followed the footsteps of my mythological hero, Odysseus, and others such as Aeneas, Orpheus and Theseus, descending into Hades, tracking killers. My quest into the abyss was perilous, encountering many dragons. My childhood dream of meeting the white horses on the beaches of Camargue, was not forgotten as I could hear them neighing through the mist enveloping the metaphorical battlefields of my life.

Profiling Criminals

The gods intervened and one day I was invited by the Centre des Science Criminelles et Penales in France, to share my insights on profiling in the grand city of Paris. It became a recurring pilgrimage, a yearly voyage to teach European profilers and law-enforcers. Amidst the bustle of Paris, I received an unexpected request from Paris Match, who sought to capture me in a moment with the winds of fate tousling my hair. Yet, that day, the winds whispered from the south of France, and so, I was flown from Paris to Camargue.

Standing up the beach of Camargue, as the winds caressed my hair, the prophecy came to pass. A herd of the wild horses of Camargue, as if guided by the ancient oracles, approached me with affection and playfulness. "We awaited your arrival," they seemed to convey, "for you promised, and you have fulfilled your promise." That day, my childhood dreams transformed into reality, a metamorphosis as profound as those witnessed in mythic tales.

“Someone believed in Me, so I believed in Me and You can believe in You, even if you had to descend into Hades, to find the spark of divinity inside you.”

Why Me?

My academic background comprises a BA, BA honours in Psychology, Masters of Psychology and DPhil Psychology. I have lectured at many universities globally, as well as on international podia, conferences and training institutions and have featured in countless television documentaries.


Like a winding river, my career path meandered through different landscapes, from journalism, to law enforcement, to television documentaries, scriptwriting, to authoring seven books and in my private practice I discovered the field of neuropsychology. I trained in neuropsychology and developed courses, blending my love for mythology into the material, which reawakened my lifelong passion for history and archaeology. So, I enrolled and completed an honours degree in Biblical Archaeology.

Why Now?

Since settling in Mauritius a few years ago, the island has regenerated my passion for life, inspiring me to inspire you to embark on your journey. I have found my peace, reconnected with my purpose to invest and share my intellectual capital, but also my personal experiences and I have developed several courses, blending neuropsychology and mythology, for if you can know the workings of your own mind, you can map your destiny and rewrite your own story. 

My Passion

Remembering the echo of my mother’s oracle, “You can become anything you want to be”, I formulated a vision where, like an alchemist, I could alloy the elements of my passions for writing, psychology and archaeology into a golden new career, I approached Ancient Origins and was appointed as the Editor of the Premium membership site. Daily I indulge in the abundance of knowledge and insights flowing to me from globally talented and distinguished authors and fellow academics covering such a diverse range of topics, it stretches from horizon to horizon of the ancient world, incorporating eons of eras. It is my privilege to edit and enhance their words with images to present not just an article, but to invite the reader to a shared experience, transporting them to rediscover lost civilizations, forgotten gods, myths and legends, recalling the wonder I experienced as a child, when I discovered books.

Even before I joined Ancient Origins, I explored the globe, tracing the footsteps of Alexander through the Indus Valley in what is today Pakistan, following Theseus to the labyrinths of Knossos, looking up from the Troad plains like Odysseus at the strong-built Walls of Troy; seeking my crusader ancestor Tancred in the fortress at Edessa. These adventures prepared me to host archaeological tours for Ancient Origins to ancient sites, gazing from Mount Nemrut over the battle plains of the Hittites, discovering the ziggurats of Mesopotamia between the Tigris and the Euphrates, the Phoenician cities on the eastern Mediterranean and the monumental temples at Baalbek, the ruins of Palmyra and the castle of Krak des Chevaliers, where Crusaders and Saracens wielded sword and sable.

But my vision for a new life did not end there, I needed a safe harbour from where to set sail. After emerging from Hades, as a Thalassophile, I dreamed about living on an island where I could satiate all my senses and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. Inspired by Odysseus’ courage, I embarked on an Odyssey and found my Ogygia in Mauritius. Mauritius is not subtle in her seduction. Her elements are in excess; not just fire but Hephaestus forged a volcano; not just water, but Poseidon rules an ocean, not just wind, but Aeolus unleashes cyclones; not just earth, but Demeter the fertility goddess enriches the soil covered with blooms and lush vegetation.

"It's the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world"

I'm all about

Conquering fears; embracing challenges; fighting injustice; seeking truth, ethics; taking responsibility and accountability; connecting with the divine spark in yourself, in whatever form you might find it; open-mindedness; tolerance; kindness; self-actualization; rewriting your story; manifesting your dreams; preserving history and cultural heritage for future generations, and guiding children to become responsible adults, taking care of this planet… and other planets they are about to explore.

I'm not about

Pettiness, soapbox reformists, judgemental attitudes, fanaticism, convincing, blame, destruction of heritage and burning books.


The perfect


 if you are ...

  • Open-minded, eager to expand your physical and personal horizons
  • Willing to overcome ego-driven behaviour and acknowledge vulnerabilities
  • Eager to engage in constructive intellectual conversations, not arguments
  • Wanting to share knowledge and invest intellectual capital in the world-wide-web of collective consciousness

Personal relationships form part of any human being’s journey on earth, but they can be messy and often heroes become entangled - often by their own good intentions – in webs of manipulation and deceit, sapping their energy, disabling and crippling them to fulfil their destinies. Since they abhor being labelled as villains, toxic males or anti-heroes – they stay, offering themselves as sacrifices on perceived altars of society. My course offers you insight in the mechanics of the brain, and as Einstein said, if you cannot explain something simply, then you don’t understand it yourself, so I use mythology as analogies to simplify neuropsychology. Once you understand your brain, your hidden motivations and fears, as well as those of your partner, you can harness this knowledge to literally change your neuropaths into new avenues of action, cognition and emotional growth – rewriting your own story, not only with regards to your relationships, but also as a backdrop to discovering a new world and making a difference, as you are supposed to.

The course will require you to do introspection, open up to vulnerabilities and reconnect with the hero inside you, but it is not intended as personal therapy – the same as any self-help psychology book taken from a shelf can offer you insights and guidelines, but the journey is your choice. There will be a live session to answer questions.