Dr Ioannis Syrigos, Dr Micki Pistorius and Alicia McDermott welcome you to the Ancient Wisdom Courses

A decade later, Ancient Origins has come a long way!

Ancient Wisdom Courses is a branch of Ancient Origins, and we've come a long way since our inception in 2013. Over the past decade, we've evolved into the premier website for Ancient History, boasting millions of daily followers and readers, and even a few detractors, which is par for the course when you achieve success 😊. 


However, the personal journeys of Ioannis, Micki, and Alicia extend much further, spanning decades of knowledge and experience in the fields we'll be delving into on this platform. What sets us apart from other websites is our distinctive approach, and you'll soon discover why! 

Dr Ioannis Syrigos ... Entrepreneur, Researcher, Educator, Explorer, Visionary, Father to 1, Efficiency Nut + Perfectionist

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Ancient Origins, the world's top ancient history website, holding degrees in Computer Engineering (BSc), Artificial Intelligence (PhD), and an MBA.

Beyond my professional roles, I'm an explorer, mystic, and educator on a self-development mission spanning three decades. My expertise covers Greek philosophy, Early Christian Gnosticism, and various spiritual traditions and self-improvement practices. I've educated thousands and exposed misuse of spiritual teachings in cults. My work has led to TV appearances as an expert in spirituality and self-improvement on major Greek and Cypriot channels.

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Dr Micki Pistorius ... Psychologist, Author, Profiler and Manager of the Premium Membership site of Ancient Origins

I embarked on a voyage of knowledge, evolving from a seeker of truth into a storyteller as a journalist. Later, I embarked on a path of deeper understanding, studying the human psyche to become a psychologist and ultimately, a criminal profiler within the South African Police—navigating the labyrinth of criminal minds. Spurred on by my crusader ancestral blood, I followed the footsteps of my mythological hero, Odysseus, and others such as Aeneas, Orpheus and Theseus, descending into Hades, tracking killers. My quest into the abyss was perilous, encountering many dragons. My childhood dream of meeting the white horses on the beaches of Camargue, was not forgotten as I could hear them neighing through the mist enveloping the metaphorical battlefields of my life.

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Alicia McDermott ... Anthropologist, Educator, Adventurer, Mindfulness Practitioner + Cross Cultural Communicator

Whether I was exploring the woods behind my house growing up in Canada, inventing games with friends, or reading the classics and planning exciting trips to faraway places, I always wanted to learn more about the world. I studied subjects like psychology, anthropology, and sociology to gain the academic background and learn the history of who we are as a species and what makes us unique.

Then I combined that knowledge with real-world experiences, discovering the beauty and wonders of the world and the amazing similarities and differences across cultures by living in and travelling throughout South America, Egypt, Europe, and North America. I pushed my limits with adventurous expeditions, shared stories with strangers who became friends, and shocked and delighted the people back home with amazing tales from my journeys.

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"Associate with people who are likely to improve you. Welcome those who are capable of improving. The process is a mutual one: people learn as they teach"


Have one primary mission:

To extend a helping hand to as many individuals as possible as they navigate the challenging times that humanity currently faces. Our aim is to empower individuals by providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to build resilient foundations for themselves. We believe that by delving into history and drawing wisdom from the past, we can collectively learn valuable lessons that will guide us towards a brighter future.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana 1905


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