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Coaching with Alicia

Embark on a fascinating exploration of ancient symbolism and its relevance in the modern world with our 45-minute coaching sessions.

Alicia McDermott, well-versed in the secrets of symbolism, will take you on a journey through history to uncover the hidden meanings and profound insights encoded in ancient symbols. Discover how these age-old symbols can be applied to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary challenges and opportunities. Whether you're interested in decoding the mysteries of the past or seeking to enrich your life with ancient wisdom, our coaching sessions will provide you with valuable perspectives and practical applications. Join us in unraveling the timeless language of symbols and harness their power for a more insightful and fulfilling life today.

What People Are Saying:

Alicia provides dynamic and creative classes and lessons. All her students hold her in high regard as she encourages them to go beyond simple knowledge acquisition and to include critical thinking to what they learn and to apply their knowledge in the real world.

Alicia B., Academic Coordinator

Alicia creates valuable and interesting activities for her students both in the classroom and outside of it. She provides a learning atmosphere that promotes participation, responsibility, personal growth, respect, and the fostering of unique skills and abilities, as well as lifelong learning.

Barbara T., Director